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Too much time is devoted by parapsychologists to arguing with intractably established sceptics rather than focusing on those whose views have not yet ossified.
Some injuries signal the sickness of the city: A patient with a gunshot wound most likely comes from Chicago's most economically depressed, intractably violent, and civically abandoned neighborhoods, and has usually been there all of his or her life.
Analysis of 263 people with histologically confirmed anal cancer in the French Hospital Database on HIV determined that incidence has remained intractably high since the introduction of cART.
The inherent incapacity to fully comprehend ones mortality, as Freud (1913) famously observed, represents an intractably stubborn dynamic of the human mind since "in the unconscious, every one of us is convinced of his 4 own immortality" (pp.
was walking intractably toward military intervention in Syria.
If one is intractably devoted to comparing epistemic probabilities for different hypotheses, however, one might try adapting to biology Robin Collins's rigorous likelihood argument for the superiority of theistic design over multiverse explanations of cosmological fine-tuning.
Countering the notion that France has been and remains intractably anti-American, Singer (emeritus, history, Brock U.
The mission of their Institute is to create and publish solutions initially for the top 50 of the most intractably difficult challenges known, this completes seven.
By 2011, the manifestation rule had so extensively cross-pollinated with local flora that it seemed intractably domesticated.
336) Despite appearances, however, the Administration still faces a quandary whether to continue its preference for natural gas in its power plant NSPS, a position favored by many environmentalists (except of course those that oppose all drilling and hydraulic fracturing), but intractably opposed by portions of the county with economies that rely on coal.
Although beset by economic woes and intractably high unemployment rates, European countries -- at least by one ranking -- are still among the best places to live.
It is hampered further by water shortages, poor infrastructure, and, perhaps most intractably, its own geography.