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The problem with intradermal tests is the potential danger of a severe reaction.
Comparison of three prick test methods with the intradermal test and with the rast in the diagnosis of mite allergy.
Bizim hastamizda intradermal test sonuclari nin negatif olmasi uzerine, test intramuskuler progesteron ile tekrarlanmis ve klinik tani boylece dogrulanmistir (9).
Immunotherapy is usually started with an intradermal test dose of 0.
These investigations are most commonly performed by skin prick and intradermal test, although recommended procedures vary.
One patient of 15 with a family history of an anaphylactic reaction during anaesthesia had a positive intradermal test.
It is documented that the negativity of intradermal tests to other NMBAs allows for a subsequent safe use of these negative drugs.
Intradermal tests for common aeroallergens (dust mites, fungi, pollens, and animal dander) were all negative.
Most widely used diagnostic method for bTB is based on intradermal tests which are based on a measurable cellular immune response against M.
Prashad R, Kumar R, Verma SK, et al A study of Skin Sensitivity to Various Allergens by Intradermal Tests in patients of Bronchial Asthma.
They share common antigens as evidenced by conversion of both lepromin and tuberculin intradermal tests after administration of BCG.