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But if the Madrid president remains as intransigent, then Liverpool will go for Anelka, who is younger, proven in the Premiership and is not cup tied for the Champions' League.
Sheriff Lee Baca has been just as intransigent as Parks in opposing collecting racial data.
Lanigan Schmidt's work is not s much the fruit of an intransigent solipsism, as it is an equally dazzling attempt to contain layers of emotion within lovingly and obsessively created objects.
The Fly has heard that the HKJC is still finding its home affairs department totally intransigent to calls to allow more than ten races a year to be shown live for the benefit of local punters.
In the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian officials gloated over the political demise of a leader whom they considered hostile and intransigent.
I bet the Orrs and any other family who have come up against that sort of intransigent attitude towards children, would like to cast anyone with this outlook in the role of baddy in next year's panto so we can all boo and hiss to our heart's delight.
My wager was placed with Stanley (not Ladbrokes, like Mr Ross) and their position remains intransigent, quoting staff error as reason enough not to honour advertised prices.
Once slighted, twice intransigent and that was Piazza, demanding that the respect that once eluded him be repaid (with interest) in the form of cold currency and brooding when his salary dollars and his playing numbers didn't, in his mind, add up.
Most of us admired her fighting spirit, so evident in her dealings with the intransigent politicians of Ulster and in her private battle with a brain tumour.
They proved to be completely intractable and intransigent.
Since that was always inevitable, it's difficult to understand Brian Cowen's intransigent stance in the first place.
Streator's letter says - or more properly does not say - speaks volumes about the airport commission's intransigent refusal to negotiate,'' Golonski said.