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Finally, President Christofias briefed Mr Brahimi on the Cyprus issue and the intransigent stance of the Turkish-Cypriot leader, Mr Eroglu, and Turkey in the talks, which were led to a deadlock due to the Turkish stance.
Only the prospect of losing potential profits will motivate these intransigent real estate project owners.
Unite informed the company that patience was wearing thin with this delaying and intransigent strategy, and that our membership were expecting a rapid resolution.
We will be extremely demanding and intransigent about this.
Together we will defeat this intransigent management and will restore dignity and respect to British cabin crew.
During his meeting with Chairman of Slovak Communist Party Yozef Lichaka and the accompanying delegation, Qaddah, indicated to the Israeli intransigent stances and rejection to abide by the International legitimacy resolutions in addition to continuing the policy of annexing, settlement and repression of the Palestinian People's aspirations.
The Egyptian government has delayed the dialogue session because of the recent intransigent Israeli positions regarding the issue of a period of calm," Nono told Reuters.
Ably translated into English by Richard Zenith, "Education By Stone" offers a poetic landscape that focuses upon the seemingly trivial and intransigent and discovering more than meets the 'mind's eye'.
Joffrey could be thoughtful and understanding, yet he was intransigent about our performing in unexpectedly icy weather outdoors in Ravinia, Illinois--the Harkness Ballet was due to play the same venue and Joffrey was not about to be upstaged.
Slaughtered every week for being the dullest, most unimaginative, intransigent England boss ever.
The "We regret" sections complain about Canadian bishops not being receptive to the need for separation, divorce, and "new religious orientations chosen by family members;" of having a legalistic image; of rigidity and intransigent stands on moral issues; of failing to be open to Communion for the divorced and re-married; of an unwelcoming attitude towards homosexuals; of opposition to general absolution; of refusing to allow married priests; of having a "fear of dialogue with other Churches.