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Saxon and Norman, English and Scottish factions do indeed hint at something of the accommodations to come much later in history, but even these are rudely and inefficiently sketched; the Jew and the Arab figure much more intransigently as incarnations of the other who is in the first instance (which we must soon complicate) also the enemy.
The game is exclusively one of survival, and the ones that survive are generally those courageous nations that are robust in mind and knowledge, not those that intransigently champion the cause of 'justice'.
In some of his writings in the early 1930s that seem variations on Julien Benda's themes, Pessoa argued that intellectuals should forswear passions and sectarianism and place themselves intransigently on the path chosen by Romain Rolland, which was au-dessus de la melee.
For, if Israelis are so disconnected from Middle Eastern realities as to have lost the empathy with Palestinians necessary to convince them that negotiations will lead to a satisfying outcome, and if Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East are as intransigently hostile to Israel as most Israelis believe them to be, then, in effect, a two-state solution has been rendered impossible.
Notwithstanding these shortcomings, Shockley contests the intransigently narrow, myopic, and marginal ways black women are largely conceived within the nationalist imaginary: black women's role as "scapegoats"; reproductive entities who produce the nation; and, objects upon which black men's resentment against the hegemonic and oppressive white power structure is displaced.
4) Put simply, Bruni's emergent public sphere--a place in which both native and nonnative Florentines could pursue their public identities as distinct from their private interests--was more a product of his literary imagination than a reflection of Florentine realities, where the interests of intransigently private sensibilities continued to determine much of the political life of the period, even as a public commitment to civic values dominated the official rhetoric of Florentine leaders.
Of course you can't sell that pikestaff-plain fact to an intransigently dense non-racing public who simply could never see that pushing and scrubbing hundreds of tons of horse flesh over months of racing, with the down-time being spent riding out or haring 70,000 miles round the country in pursuit of glory, is a supreme piece of athletic endeavour that has few parallels in other sports.
As published evidence of the genocide has become more widely available, Lewis has become more intransigently hostile to the idea, using his reputation to make denying the Armenian genocide seem respectable.
The prevailing ideology in the AAUG was intransigently Palestinian.
The fact that Hubmaier's two publications of July 1525 have either been passed over in silence or marginalized as idiosyncratic by historians writing on Swiss Anabaptism is undoubtedly due to Hubmaier's support for the military action of his baptized and non-baptized Waldshut parishioners, and the conclusion by many historians that Conrad Grebel was intransigently nonresistant--the primary (and virtually only) evidence supporting the latter conclusion being the "Letter to Muntzer.
In a decade of reading, writing, and teaching about the uses of force in political life, I've rarely encountered a writer quite as intransigently independent in orientation and lucid in formulation as Angelo Codevilla, and No Victory, No Peace is Codevilla in top form.
10) Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, he contends, constructs a version of the Orient as synchronically, disturbingly, and intransigently Other, inassimilable to European history, while Shelley's Alastor involves "the invention and spatial production of a certain version of the Orient as Europe's source of origin," and thus supports "the universalizing European claims that time and history are uniform natural 'essences' that point to modernity and to Europe" (p.