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Explanations primarily focusing on (the lack of) liberalization and privatization let other factors, such as corruption, intransparency, and not least the legacy of the tutelage of Western powers, fall short.
According to Table 2, 68 (84.81%) city councils of municipalities with a population over 300,000 inhabitants present passive intransparency. These are distributed as follows: for 11 (13.92%) city councils, it was not even possible to send the request simply for lack of a form; for 56 (70.89%) city councils, sending the request was possible, however, there was no reply or the response was insufficient.
Today's waiver processes do not correspond to this ideal; rather, they are characterized by intransparency, informality, and bilateral negotiations.
(2011) Overcoming Ex Ante Cost Intransparency of Clouds--Using System Analogies and a Corresponding Cost Estimation Model.
Dealing with intransparency of the problem variables and the interrelationships among them is often difficult due to time-delayed effects; not every action shows immediate consequences.
With the reference to the news article published on the media related to PTTEP Acquisition of Offshore MD-7 and MD-8 blocks in Myanmar, PTTEP would like to deny the intransparency and bribery of the MD-7 and MD-8 acquisition and would like to clarify that the process of direct negotiation for both blocks started in early 2010 before the current Offshore Exploration Block Bidding Round.
This serious deficit of public trust is because DAE's response to cogently argued questions and doubts regarding safety is calculated official intransparency at best, and suppression of facts or worse.
With regard to corporate transparency beyond the financial bottom line, there is a common framing of corporate intransparency as a problem in Germany.
Another simplification strategy found in ELF appears to be "use the negative prefix of your choice": ELFA and VOICE include, among others, disbenefits, discrease, injust, inofficial, intransparency, uncapable, undirectly, unpossible, unrespect and unsecure.
(1997): The Control of Intransparency. System Research and Behavioral Science 14, 359-371.
We have ministers from the old regime, security generals responsible for torturing Egyptians under Mubarak "securing" the country, the same pro-rich policies ignoring the poor's demands and same intransparency in taking even the simplest economic decisions.