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noun imbruement, imbuement, impregnation, inculcation, infiltration, infusio, injection, insertion, instillation, introduction, penetration, permeation
See also: incorporation

INFUSION, med. jur. A pharmaceutical operation, which consists in pouring a hot or cold fluid upon a substance, whose medical properties it is desired to extract. Infusion is also used for the product of this operation. Although infusion differs from decoction, (q.v.) they are said to be ejusdem generis; and in the case of an indictment which charged the prisoner with giving a decoction, and the evidence was that he had given an infusion, the difference was held to be immaterial. 8 Camp. R. 74.

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In group 1, intrauterine infusion of Oxytetracycline hydrochloride revealed 90% recovery rate from endometritis as indicated by negative colour reaction of estrual cervico-vaginal mucus to white side test at subsequent estrus and out of that 77.
Intrauterine infusion of Sulfonamides has also been reported (Arthur et al.
Cows with clinical and subclinical endometritis can be successfully treated with intrauterine infusion of 2000 mg of Moxifloxacin for 3-5 days.

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