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In patients with spontaneous breathing, IVC diameter measurement by non-invasive bedside ultrasonography method may provide an idea about CVP pressure, intravascular fluid deficit or excess of patients.
The present literature highlights two specific methods for the identification of hypovolaemia and the optimisation of intravascular fluid volume.
Extravasation of intravascular fluid mediated by the systemic administration of recombinant interleukin 2.
Adjusting the ultrafiltration rate to allow refill of the intravascular fluid volume from the tissues (plasma refill), as well as adjusting dialysate conductivity to control osmolarity of the blood through sodium profiling, have been used to prevent these two causes of intravascular hypovolemia (Chaney, 2006).
5 g/dL) will lead to the leakage of intravascular fluid into the interstitial spaces, thus leading to visible edema and "untouchable" fluid (Mitchell, 2002).

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