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DRIP. The right of drip is an easement by which the water which falls on one house is allowed to fall upon the land of another.
     2. Unless the owner has acquired the right by grant or prescription, he has no right so to construct his house as to let the water drip over his neighbor's land. 1 Roll. Ab. 107. Vide Rain water; Stillicidium; and 3 Kent, Com. 436; Dig. 43, 23, 4 et 6; 11 Ad. & Ell. 40; S. C. 39 E. C. L. R. 21.

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SECURE FUTURE: Zimed's pioneering intravenous drip monitoring device, Red-Eye.
She died shortly after receiving an intravenous drip, according to police.
Mori is suspected of attempting to kill an 11-year-old girl with the intravenous drip Oct.
6 on suspicion of trying to murder the 11-year-old girl by administering a muscle relaxant, which can halt respiration, via an intravenous drip last Oct.
BIRMINGHAM'S first intravenous drip lounge is launching this month.
Cosmedics Skin Clinic is offering "revolutionary" beauty treatments, but you must hook up to an intravenous drip at their clinic in Middlesbrough.
Arburg will present a complex medical technology application at Medtec Europe 2016 in Stuttgart, where a cleanroom version of an electric Allrounder 470 A will be used to produce Y-connectors made from PMMA for use in intravenous drip therapy.
A FLINTSHIRE pensioner died in hospital after his feeding tube was connected to an intravenous drip, an inquest was told.
Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited today announced that it has obtained approval for partial changes concerning a supplementary indication of their new quinolone antibacterial injections, Cravit Intravenous Drip Infusion Bag 500mg/100mL and CravitA Intravenous Drip Infusion 500mg/20mL (generic name: Levofloxacin Hydrate) to treat bacterial infections of urology, surgery, and gynecology.
A NURSE who administered an intravenous drip without training and then asked a colleague to lie to cover her tracks has been barred from the profession for a year.
She's got everything she needs courtesy of the state - apart from an intravenous drip pumping liquid pizza into her veins.
MARCH 20: LittleTheo Carney loves nothing better than helping his mum in the kitchen - but the youngster cannot eat food because of a rare bowel condition and is fed 24 hours a day through an intravenous drip.

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