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Intrepid Aviation is a privately held commercial aircraft lessor.
In 2013, Intrepid Learning pioneered a bold new platform that infused its industry wisdom and expertise to make online learning more engaging, applied, collaborative and impactful.
This is the fifth year supporting the event for Intrepid Networks and the third year for Kyocera.
The Intrepid Pilot Study was designed to evaluate valve safety and performance of the IntrepidTMVR System across sites in the United States, Europe, and Australia.
John Nesland has agreed to join Intrepid as a Managing Director based in New York.
Maersk Intrepid is the first in a series of four newbuild ultra harsh environment jack-up rigs to enter Maersk Drilling's rig fleet in 2014-16.
Intrepid Jack was bred by Fonthill Stud out of the Primo Dominie mare Maria Theresa, a half-sister to Group 2-winning miler Nicobar.
Discover the World Marketing, a US-based marketing company, has entered into a contract with Intrepid Travel, an Australia-based tour company.
With nearly eighty-five percent of all potash used in the United States imported, Intrepid is working diligently to expand its production to further support the United States' agricultural industry and to continue to provide jobs for Intrepid's nearly 700 New Mexico employees.
He believed making Intrepid a public exhibit would be a fitting memorial to the efforts of those who fought for their country in the 1982 war in the South Atlantic.
Intrepid, an amphibious assault landing platform ship, was specially recommissioned for Operation Corporate to help retake the Falkland Islands from the Argentinian invaders.
We are extremely proud to announce the opening of the Michael Tyler Fisher Center for Education," said Arnold Fisher, Chairman of the Board of the Intrepid Museum and grandfather of Michael Tyler Fisher, for whom the Center is named.