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Actors have the capacity to be healers, to intrepidly go where no one else wants to go, to explore the dark.
Geography has lost its niche in academia, and pundits extol the virtues of a smaller world, but they intrepidly overlook enduring realities.
Nevertheless, he intrepidly uses early explorer reports and oral histories of native elders to speculate about the existence of three previously unrecognized satellite herds that disappeared because of human harvest and never reappeared because of wolf predation.
Nocturnes is the culmination of their literary/visual dialogue, a compendium of poetry and photogravures that speak to each other in an intrepidly designed and beautifully published book.
Birmingham indie rock band The Twang have just released their third album and will be intrepidly heading out as far as the Black Country for a gig at Wulfrun Hall.
Using the locally-edited ArborWiki's birthday deals page as a guide, Mehraban and the Ingenex Digital Marketing team loaded into the Digital Bus and intrepidly scoured Ann Arbor for as many free birthday treats as they could find.
Works feature older adults teetering on stilts, balancing intrepidly on tightropes and wearing technicolour dreamcoats as they whizz by on scooters.
EDEK is seeking national cohesion, EVROKO called for transparency and information and the Greens said the government was acting intrepidly.
In the process of narrative denouement, the full extent of Augustine's intrepid defence of his sovereign during the years of his separation from the heroine is disclosed, for in the interim, he has 'fought under the victorious Edward, signalizing himself by feats of heroic atchievements [sic], gloriously fighting by his Monarch's side, and intrepidly sharing in all the dangers of that proud day to England, which raised the fame of the mighty Edward to ages of succeeding martial honour'(vol.
After all, if they experiment intrepidly with a given piece of writing and even risk ruining the piece, they haven't lost too much; they can be confident in their ability to begin and sustain new writing projects, (bl.
Like Machiavelli's Prince, Lady Susan masters contingency by intrepidly responding to consequences of her own making.
Jaroslav Tuma's new recording takes the listener back to the 17th century, a time when musicians intrepidly wandered across Europe, whose countries and regions possessed specific colours.