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The version of the story told so far coheres with the typical historical emphasis on conspicuous movements and prominent figures whose intellectual leadership and intrepidness stimulated awareness and fired African expectations.
His wry middle-aged acceptance complements Alpi's sharp focus and youthful intrepidness.
The book is full of good war stories and inspiring journalistic intrepidness, and of course it raises a fundamental question: Are women war reporters different from men?
The drunken mother is, however, also capable of intrepidness and determination, illustrated most memorably in the account of a grueling cross-country trip she makes in a car loaded with two young children, a nine-week-old baby, a dog with six newborn puppies, and all their luggage tied on top.
What matters are the integrity and intelligence and intrepidness of those owners.
With the intrepidness of a literary critic, Morua concluded his 1892 essay with the prediction that Villaverde's character, Cecilia Valdes, was doomed to oblivion because of her structural deficiencies.