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The new firm, Intrepidus Insurance Services, is an independent broker aimed at helping personal and business customers evaluate and navigate insurance.
ZTE Corporation, a publicly-listed global provider of mobile handsets, telecommunications equipment and network solutions, today announced a partnership with leading provider of mobile application and device security services, Intrepidus, an NCC Group company.
20 August 2012 a[euro]" British escrow and assurance services provider NCC Group Plc (LON:NCC) said on Monday it had bought US security research and testing services firm Intrepidus Group Inc for a maximum of GBP7.1m (USD11.2m/EUR9m) in cash.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 20, 2012-US mobile security testing firm Intrepidus acquired by NCC Group for GBP7.1m(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
2.48.1 also refers to Otho's calm face, and that his words showed no fear (placidus ore, intrepidus verbis).
SecurID is a proprietary algorithm that is designed to produce random numbers in a pre-determined sequence, according to a description of the technology by the Intrepidus Group.
"It may be feasible to detect jailbreaks of a specific version or type, but they will still be trapped in the cat and mouse game they play with jailbreakers," said Jeremy Allen, principal consultant with Intrepidus Group, in an interview with NetworkWorld.
Sulpicius vividly portrays the scene: [Martin], however, waited undaunted (intrepidus), relying on the Lord.
To combat this growing cyber crime, Intrepidus Group created PhishMe, an employee education awareness solution that develops a human firewall against targeted phishing attacks.
<p>The vulnerability means that attackers can lurk in the middle of what victims think are secure SSL sessions with banks, retailers and other secure Web sites, picking off passwords and other information that can be used later to steal account funds or compromise confidential business data, say the researchers, Mike Zusman, a consultant with Intrepidus, and Alexander Sotirov, an independent researcher.
"It's a systematic problem," said Rohyt Belani, managing partner at Intrepidus Group.