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Rosamond became serious too, and slightly meditative; in fact, she was going through many intricacies of lace-edging and hosiery and petticoat-tucking, in order to give an answer that would at least be approximative.
In their researches into the human frame, it may be that the higher and more subtle faculties of such men were materialised, and that they lost the spiritual view of existence amid the intricacies of that wondrous mechanism, which seemed to involve art enough to comprise all of life within itself.
Pursuing the narrow intricacies of the streets which at that time tended westward near the Middlesex shore of the river, my readiest access to the Temple was close by the river-side, through Whitefriars.
Meriem had progressed rapidly with the intricacies of the English language, for Bwana and My Dear had persistently refused to speak Arabic from the time they had decided that Meriem must learn English, which had been a day or two after her introduction into their home.
Summary: Here we take a look at some intricacies of Dubai's latest marvel.
Out of Tinseltown (assuming people still call it that) comes the news that Brad Pitt will be taking his wonkish talents from the intricacies of Moneyball, his film about baseball sabermetrics to the intricacies of Nazi efficiency in a film about IBM's role in the Holocaust.
discussed the intricacies involved in pipeline suspension bridges at a recent meeting of The Pipeliners Association of Houston.
Burden also hailed Wargo's appointment, saying his knowledge of the intricacies of the zoning resolution and his ability to translate the code into text and graphics was unparalleled.
The intricacies of Nigerian politics are an important part of Mamo's story; but this is because he, too, is subject to the whims of generals and a traditional ruler, and must face the struggles of living in an unstable society.
As a result, it will take a skilled reader to sort out the intricacies of the book, so this is not a good choice for reluctant readers or for those who have not yet read the rest of the books in the series.
In his sermon, George Packard, the Episcopal Church's bishop suffragan for chaplaincies, took the intricacies of pain from the early days of Katrina and posited them into the helping hands and hearts of the present and into the arms of God.
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