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Iversen commented, "These three presentations underscore the intricacy of possible interactions between complex antisense compounds and biological systems.
A small timber balcony that serves this space and hovers over the portico adds to the sense of formal and spatial intricacy.
Marcus of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena won the chemistry prize for theoretical work elucidating the intricacy of chemical processes involving the transfer of electrons between molecules in solution.
Built between 1634 and 1641 for an austere sect of Spanish monks, the compact church of San Carlo displays a novelty and intricacy that prefigured the development of the Baroque in Europe.
They can also measure the fractal dimension - the intricacy - of the resulting pattern.
But while Nikolais's pieces are still remarkable for their visual conceptualization and intricacy, Louis's dances are decently crafted but workmanlike affairs that occasionally verge on the arch, and often venture into the realms of cliche.
On a clear, brisk morning, a child marvels at the frilled intricacy of frost splayed across a sunlit windowpane.
On a massive rock in the hills behind Lisbon, It was the country seat of the kings of Portugal, and their palace, which dominates the village, is memorable not only for its fantastic conical kitchen chimneys, but for the intricacy of Its Mudejar architecture: a subtle blend of Classical and Arab themes.
Given the intricacy of life's molecular processes, questions surrounding the earliest biochemistry loom large.
in Cleveland for a twin-sheet refrigerator door (which won a thermoforming award last year from the SPE for intricacy of tooling and design).