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Its new Profile-Master M in-line profile gauge uses one to four single-camera modules, depending on the intricacy of the shape.
63 Sometimes by competition with itself, ornament when acting in a critical vacuum, becomes overripe, creating decorative nightmares of intricacy or overblown pustular monsters.
Despite the often-daunting intricacy of her program, Queen Afua has one simple message: know yourself and the divinity within you--a worthy goal.
Purveyors and consumers of parlor furnishings prized visual intricacy, "rich" and "polished" appearances, and the "softening" effects of upholstery - all deemed expressions of refinement.
On a clear, brisk morning, a child marvels at the frilled intricacy of frost splayed across a sunlit windowpane.
Introducing readers to a compendium of expert commentaries on the construction, stability, historical understanding and use of this portable nomadic structure, The Tipi accurately addresses every concern, issue and intricacy of the tipi's interesting history within the context of Native American cultures.
The intricacy of the entwined elements of fairy tale and narration, of Old Testament allusion and lyric, along with some explicit references to gay oral sex, limit this collection's suitability to mature readers, but these poems are at once challenging and engaging for that appropriate audience.