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73 The great degree of intricacy that can (equally with simplicity) characterize ornament may only be sustained relative to bold and balanced forms like the paddles from the Solomon Islands brought back by Captain Cook, whose elegant severity is covered by a mesh of tessellated carving.
"Despite the often daunting intricacy of her program, Queen Afua has one simple message: Know yourself and the divinity within you--a worthy goal.
Purveyors and consumers of parlor furnishings prized visual intricacy, "rich" and "polished" appearances, and the "softening" effects of upholstery - all deemed expressions of refinement.
Among the major critical turns and counter-turns, several stand out: Dryden signals a "gradual drift away from the prejudices of the age" (27); Hurd, influenced by French "method," redefines the critical "rules" (65); Beattie initiates a "new understanding of decorum" (80); Dowden's application of an Aristotelian "hermeneutic method" to Spenser (134) recalls Hurd even as it sounds a death-knell to the aestheticism he fomented; Greenlaw's resolute historicism in the service of cultural progressivism "might be regarded as an early version of ideology critique" (165); Berger lends Spenser criticism a "new and sustained intricacy of argument" (179).
On a clear, brisk morning, a child marvels at the frilled intricacy of frost splayed across a sunlit windowpane.
Introducing readers to a compendium of expert commentaries on the construction, stability, historical understanding and use of this portable nomadic structure, The Tipi accurately addresses every concern, issue and intricacy of the tipi's interesting history within the context of Native American cultures.
The intricacy of the entwined elements of fairy tale and narration, of Old Testament allusion and lyric, along with some explicit references to gay oral sex, limit this collection's suitability to mature readers, but these poems are at once challenging and engaging for that appropriate audience.
A similar intricacy underlies the stripped down simplicity of Womb--a single volume that can be transformed at the touch of a button or two into an apartment with kitchen/dining, bedroom/living, and office or an austere contemplative space.
The dancers' combination of strength, technique, elegance, and fearlessness belied the relative intricacy of the choreography, especially the unusual, intertwined lift sequences in "Touch Me Fall." Fraught with the tension between weight and balance, fall and recovery, the movement sequences wound through space.
Despite the often-daunting intricacy of her program, Queen Afua has one simple message: know yourself and the divinity within you--a worthy goal.
Given the intricacy of life's molecular processes, questions surrounding the earliest biochemistry loom large.
The major drawback of the book is stylistic: in contrast to the material taken verbatim from his earlier version, many of the new paragraphs consist of a single complex sentence, resembling Germanic constructions but often surpassing them in length and intricacy. Even after several readings I was unable occasionally to disentangle the clauses or to be certain that what was printed was what was intended.