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KBR's food service staff across the Middle East region have applied their talents to create decorations using custom-made sugar-cube sculptures, ice carvings, intricately carved melons, decorated turkeys, gingerbread-house villages and special lighting to give each dining facility a special touch.
Rowling's intricately crafted series, the universal question seems to be, ``What page are you on?
Master baths are distinguished by intricately designed tiling and marble, Kohler ironworks soaking tubs and separate glass enclosed showers, all highlighted by Kohler fixtures and towel warmers.
There are two alternating narratives in this intricately plotted tale: that of shy, insecure, present-day Jacob learning about Amsterdam and Dutch customs, making new friends, and finding out more about himself and his family's past; and the journal of Geertrui, the 19-year-old girl who cared for his grandfather.
Small staircases and worn thresholds lead to rooms encrusted in generations of statues and tangkas, not to mention intricately panted walls and shelves of brightly wrapped scriptures.
Two couples with legs tied together as in a three-legged race cooperate closely and intricately.
Zindart has a second division, Zindart Manufacturing that provides design services and turn-key manufacturing for multi-national companies of intricately detailed plastic and die-cast collectibles, toys and gift items.
Its all-mech, multi-tech world is more intricately designed.
This is a story that delicately and intricately weaves fictional characters with legendary heroes, such as George Washington, to make history come alive.
Her paintings imply that we live in an ever more intricately linked and interdependent place, a web of shifting connectivities.
Residents enjoy high ceilings with regal crown molding; thermal paned casement windows; intricately patterned tile baths with black absolute granite countertops and towel warmers; custom gourmet kitchens with imported Fontaine granite countertops and top-of-the-line coordinating appliances.