intricately wrought

See: elaborate
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Designer Iris van Herpen's intricately wrought dresses were inspired by nature, but were made using highly technical processes: foam-lifting, laser-cutting and heat-bonding on invisible tulle.
"Like an intricately wrought Chinese tangram, every piece will have its logical place in the final story.
Peck's language is an astonishingly taut and intricately wrought weave that incorporates both complex formal and metrical patterns and flights of "poetic" diction that would make most workshop leaders blush.
They also established a monetary system--a variety of intricately wrought ancient coins can be seen at the exhibition--and to reflect their might, they built monumental palaces.
An altogether more vigorous spirit permeated Mozart's Violin Concerto no.5 in A, though again the forward impulse arose from the intricately wrought partnership between soloist and orchestra.