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But Songlian is ultimately unsuited to such vicious and dangerous intrigue, and as her own plans collapse and backfire, she finds herself in a deepening cycle of emotional and physical violence.
It gives you action, drama, intrigue, and lots of options as you play against simulated opponents.
Developed, installed and maintained by General Dynamics, Intrigue is an interactive, multimedia system that features access to the Internet at up to 50 times faster than typical dial-in links.
The intrigue is maze-like; the multiple characters and plot details are challenging for readers.
SNL devotees also will have the opportunity to nominate their choice for most intriguing moment of SNL history by entering the Intrigue Saturday Night Live 25 Sweepstakes.
She's entangled in a web of murder and sexual intrigue that makes ``The Oresteia'' feel like a Sunday school picnic.
DETROIT, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Buoyed by strong sales of Alero and Intrigue models, Oldsmobile delivered 34,158 vehicles in May compared to 32,851 sales during the same month last year.
Logitech International (SWX:LOGN) (Nasdaq:LOGI) today announced that it has purchased the maker of the highly acclaimed Harmony Remote advanced remote controls -- privately held Intrigue Technologies of Canada -- for $29 million in cash, plus a possible performance-based payment, tied to reaching certain future remote control revenues.
In a nutshell: International corporate intrigue over rights to a Japanese porn cartoon Web site morphs into international corporate intrigue over an interactive torture Web site.
The story is set in mysterious Hong Kong in 1963, with its beautiful women, wealthy men, cultural clashes, and fascinating intrigue.
NEW YORK, April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Since it stormed onto the scene in the fall of 1997, the Oldsmobile Intrigue has been highly praised for its exceptional performance and remarkable agility.