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Another factor which further destabilized their rule, was the presence of Sardar Sultan Mohammad in Bajaur, who being excellent intriguer, would create problems for the Sikh government, for instance he devised schemes with a Mir Alim Khan of the upper Mohmand in order to create troubles for the Sikhs in Doaba.
Our state will definitely overcome this separatist intriguer that tries to harm the stability, unity and solidarity of our country," he said.
It's th origin they Joe A come of AI CROWDED HOUSE Intriguer Time hasn't stood still for the reconfigured Crowded House.
Malik was described as an intriguer and responsible for creating disharmony in the team.
Tracks from new album Intriguer were mixed up with a definitive set of hits, including Four Seasons In One Day, Distant Sun, It's Only Natural and Locked Out.
There is the business of the forthcoming Crowded House album, Intriguer.
This helped break the ice on a night when the band showcased several songs from the soon to be released album Intriguer, including latest single Saturday Sun.
55) Et ensuite parce qu'elle n'a cesse d' intriguer, depuis 1838, un grand nombre de lecteurs (et d'ecrivains).
Oswald's curious relationship with the veteran intriguer George De Mohrenschildt will always fascinate conspiracy buffs.
curator of northern baroque painting at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, linked three 1920s-vintage Vermeer forgeries to the workshop of a Dutch art-world intriguer named Theo van Wijngaarden, long known as a mentor and associate of Van Meegeren.
Notorious as an extremist, intriguer, and back-stabber, Hekmatyar has bedeviled Afghanistan's politics for three decades.