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Recently, Pounds notes, some of his colleagues have begun to consider an intriguing idea that could provide an answer to another astronomical puzzle.
Vernon Forrest: For true boxing fans, this matchup is more intriguing than De La Hoya-Mosley II.
Equally intriguing to Sebba is "the fact that what could have been a very important and certainly very romantic discovery was so completely ignored and so completely forgotten.
This intriguing puzzler will test kids' sleuthing skills as they decipher clues to figure out the names of the new characters the CyberSquad meets in their latest adventures.
The result is more musicologically intriguing as the 12-string wizard and his friends favor traditional purity over catchy reinterpretation.
The game is smart, fun and visually intriguing and we're thrilled that it will be sold exclusively in Starbucks locations throughout North America.
LAS VEGAS - Those who contemplate the intriguing Fernando Vargas-Felix Trinidad bout here on Saturday night seem to come up with the same question: How could it be a bad fight?
I think the American people will find my documentary intriguing, informative and unexpectedly entertaining.
Because the Bruins probably will be seeded lower than usual when the NCAA Tournament pairings are announced today, the pool of potential first-round opponents is more talented - and more intriguing.
Terra Lycos (NASDAQ: TRLY and Madrid Exchange: TRR), the largest global Internet network, today named the ten most intriguing, off-the-beaten path road trip attractions for family travel this summer, as part of Lycos Travel's new Road Trip Guide (travel.
Other intriguing ``turkey to go'' options include the famed ``no-need-to-park-door-to-car-within-90-seconds'' deal by the Century Plaza Hotel ($100, feeds 8 to 10 persons).