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But it's intriguing, he adds, that so many of the galaxies reside in pairs or groups and that a substantial number appear distorted, as if they were undergoing violent interactions with their neighbors.
Wyoming (6-5, 3-4 MWC) doesn't offer the intriguing matchup Notre Dame could have supplied, nor the sidelight of a family battle - Craig Bragg, UCLA's all-time leading receiver, has a brother, Darrin, who is redshirting with the Irish.
The contrast between how these dancers spoke of themselves and how the audience saw them proved intriguing.
The possibilities she envisions for constructing a psychological portrait of Shakespeare himself is equally intriguing.
That's an intriguing number, Bottke notes, because it's close to the actual percentage of large, paired craters on Earth.
The list of the "21 Most Intriguing People" was chosen by min editors for their imagination, commitment, and strategic vision in the magazine industry.
Most intriguing was the earliest, Jewel Lost, in which Rosenberg showed herself as a dancer of generosity and still-considerable command of the stage.
This not only brings the intriguing world of shipwreck exploration to the public, but it's also a strategic step toward realizing our long-term business plan for the Company.
That's an intriguing design strategy, one that can show us how nature self assembles a complex material.
Vendor selection based on how innovative, impactful and intriguing they are
The architecturally intriguing design that Ehrenthal created - a bulbous- shape that has led the congregation to dub it ``the Onion'' - reflected the equally intriguing beliefs of the congregation.
The movement motif of the second section features a curiously disturbing retreat by the dark-haired Mateo Torres, who skitters backwards, holding his hands in front of his face, while in the third section he engages his partner, Mandy Phelps, in an intriguing series of encounters an entanglements.