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The clash between Sweden and Argentina is intriguingly poised.
Intriguingly the Kama Sutra tops books left by bedsides in Oldham, a town better known for race riots than exotic sex.
The studio's first title is intriguingly named Zombies & Me.
It's intriguingly balanced and might show just how much difference a manager can make.
A feature race on Monday is the intriguingly named Gee Aker Malayo Handicap Chase.
An intriguingly introspective adventure of one man's quest to regain control over his own dreams, written with tongue-in-cheek panache.
Inclusive of the tales 'Two Lost In The Filthy Night', the tale of two verbally talented paupers in poor and finite living quarters with outstanding dialogue (Marcos), 'Moist Lips, Quiet Passion', telling of a lowly couple struggling to obtain their "big orgasm" in attempt to retain a faithful and active relationship (Assumpcao), and 'Walking Papers', the increasingly intricate plot of one man and one woman fragmenting situations between one-another which intriguingly trace the edge of insanity (Castro).
Intriguingly, no instance of drilling has been found in teeth from a 6,500-year-old cemetery at the same site.
Wordy yet ultimately inscrutable titles such as Cat's Butt Hole in Role of Heaven in Reverse Rapture, 2004, hint at this intriguingly kooky tale, which itself represents the outpouring of a relentlessly inventive mind.
For one he was fully dressed in Olympic blazer and tieFor another he was talking intriguingly about his next challenge, the `Sir Matthew Pinsent Corporate Regatta,' a chance for companies to enter completely novice-coxed fours teams in Olympic-style competition
Perhaps even more intriguingly, Novartis has created a $4 billion research facility in Boston to tap the best American R & D brainpower.