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Perhaps even more intriguingly, Novartis has created a $4 billion research facility in Boston to tap the best American R & D brainpower.
But no one who studies the facades of Rome and Florence will have read more widely or pack his notes more intriguingly with the latest in cultural studies and architectural theory.
More intriguingly, it also included the construction of a new estate chapel to replace an older structure demolished by a previous owner in the nineteenth century.
For the test of us, however, Sharp's workbook offers some inspiring words of encouragement and several intriguingly diverse approaches to overcoming the dreaded writer's block that is sure to afflict every writer at one time or another.
Intriguingly, in German "fallen" is a verb; in English it's an adjective, too.
This is not enough for Stein who intriguingly further develops further Carol Smith Rosenburg's 1975 work in "The Female World of Love and Ritual" which suggests that 19th century homosocial culture was "political in its own right" (p.
They're currently working on another intriguingly titled movie, Thirteen Conversations About One Thing, a look at karma by the sister team of Jill and Karen Sprecher, as well as a television series that Stern describes as "The Sopranos meets Larry Sanders in the music business.
Filmmakers today confront many of the same decisions gospel writers of the first century faced, among them: what to include, what to leave out, how to fill in the gaps, and, perhaps most intriguingly, what overall impression of Jesus to communicate.
His witness-stand claim that Atanasoff's work was "irrelevant" to his own was undercut by laudatory letters he had written to Atanasoff 30 years earlier--a use of documentary evidence that was intriguingly reminiscent of the Justice Department's use of Microsoft's email in its antitrust trial.
Their first album, the intriguingly titled Bungee Jumping On The Stock Exchange, is scheduled for an autumn release.
Intriguingly, the only other club to show positive interest have been Third Division strugglers Hull City, whose ambitious plans for next season, have allowed them to make Williams a 'double your money' offer.
Intriguingly, the results also revealed that only one third of companies polled have taken steps to address this problem: 66 percent of businesses have yet to implement a solution to prevent the unauthorized use of portable storage devices on the corporate network.