intrinsic nature

See: gist, substance
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Thus the things already mentioned, and these alone, are in their intrinsic nature quantities; nothing else can claim the name in its own right, but, if at all, only in a secondary sense.
All policies in this regard apart from giving intrinsic nature of growth must have social dimension also.
The most profound leader is the one in the political sphere due to the intrinsic nature that politics plays in the other areas.
Nonetheless, no matter where it is located and finds itself, its intrinsic nature is little affected by such change in context, be it the kitchen or the art museum.
Objective: Dark matter is one of the greatest mysteries in the Cosmos, as its intrinsic nature is largely unknown.
To celebrate these fifty years, we wanted to strengthen the bond between art and industry, proposing a theme that would combine well with the intrinsic nature of what Savio machines produce and ennoble: the yarn.
The doctrine of dependent origination entails that nothing has intrinsic essence or an intrinsic nature, which is a rough statement of the doctrine of emptiness.
In conclusion, while the shale revolution has been a game changer for oil, it has not changed its intrinsic nature as a market.
He includes instruction on King David's understanding of angels, and on the intrinsic nature of angels.
Mr Gray said the conversion would be "sympathetic to the townscape and the intrinsic nature of the building".
TAURUS use the pointless expression 'it bear in mind that everything is its intrinsic nature has been way, perhaps by cellular mutation.
By sharing this intrinsic nature, then, they perpetuate a stereotype.