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The intrinsicality of sustainability in business decision making is captured in how the organization measures success.
(191) That Appellate paradigm has three features: (1) "outcome orientation," which means error is not reversible if it is "harmless" and therefore a nondispositive feature of the prior judgment; (192) (2) "intrinsicality," by which I mean that the appellate decision is made in light of the record before the trial court; (193) and (3) "deference," which means that a higher court puts a thumb on the scale in favor of trial determinations.
(55.) See, for example, Rorty, "Daniel Dennett on Intrinsicality," 98-121.
Rather like Rorty's diagnosis in terms of intrinsicality, it involves taking up a certain sort of standpoint on the first-order philosophical language game in order to characterize the moves that are being made; ultimately, to show the futility of the debate.
However, Sider allows that there is a concept of intrinsicality that allows for intrinsic identity properties.
Some rely upon what might be called the argument from intrinsicality of causation (Fodor 1987, Crane 1991); others appeal to various putative principles of scientific explanation (Segal 1991; Seymour 1993).
Further, the believer in the intrinsicality claim will hold that it is a necessary, conceptual condition on an emotion being fear that it is experienced as unpleasant, so that the psychic mechanism of hedonic transformation, to which the control theorist gestures, is a conceptual impossibility.
An elegant logic orders the initial categories of the biggest class, The Mind and Ideas: Existence, Nonexistence, Substantiality, Unsubstantiality, State, Circumstance, Intrinsicality, Extrinsicality, Accompaniment, Assemblage, Dispersion, Inclusion, Exclusion, Extraneousness, Relation, Unrelatedness, Correlation, Sameness, Contrariety, Difference, Uniformity, Nonuniformity, Multiformity, Similarity, Copy, Model, Dissimilarity.
The fifth paper "A Business Studies Oriented Taxonomy for Assessing Viewpoint Change through Sustainability Education: Messages, Measures and Moves" (Woodward & Hagerup, 2017) a taxonomy of decisions termed Messages, Measures and Moves is developed to chart progressive degrees of intrinsicality of business performance decision with relevance attached to sustainability.
This paper examines a recent argument against dispositionalism that purports to show that the intrinsicality of that relation cannot be maintained, due to the ceteris paribus nature of the counterfactuals that dispositions make-true.
Externalist Representationalism, however, seems to combine multiple realizability with intrinsicality, by displacing the intrinsic property onto the external object.
Given Best's deference to Wittgenstein, he might more consistently conclude that the notion of intrinsicality is essentialist baggage, and more trouble than it is worth.