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See, for example, Rorty, "Daniel Dennett on Intrinsicality," 98-121.
Rather like Rorty's diagnosis in terms of intrinsicality, it involves taking up a certain sort of standpoint on the first-order philosophical language game in order to characterize the moves that are being made; ultimately, to show the futility of the debate.
While intuitively and in line with the earlier discussion, the options, Messages, Measures and Moves do suggest greater and lesser degrees of intrinsicality of sustainability's influence in business decision making--this is only indicative and may not apply in a linear way in the minds of respondents nor in the minds of business managers.
This paper examines a recent argument against dispositionalism that purports to show that the intrinsicality of that relation cannot be maintained, due to the ceteris paribus nature of the counterfactuals that dispositions make-true.
Externalist Representationalism, however, seems to combine multiple realizability with intrinsicality, by displacing the intrinsic property onto the external object.
Given Best's deference to Wittgenstein, he might more consistently conclude that the notion of intrinsicality is essentialist baggage, and more trouble than it is worth.
Towards a Hyperintensional Theory of Intrinsicality, RALF M BADER
The standard counterexamples to David Lewis's account of intrinsicality involve two sorts of properties: identity properties and necessary properties.
So far as I can see, at this point there are two possible avenues to take as regards contingent intrinsic predication, once both simplicity and truthmaker necessitarianism are countenanced: (a) maintain that apparently intrinsic, contingently true predications are actually extrinsic, or (b) maintain the intrinsicality of contingently true predications while denying that this poses a problem for the contingency of certain predications.
In response it proposes an account of intrinsicality that is compatible with both priority monism and priority pluralism.
In this paper the author argues that warrant for Lewis's principle of recombination presupposes warrant for a combinatorial analysis of intrinsicality, which in turn presupposes warrant for the principle of recombination.
In this paper it is argued that the appeal to naturalness is not acceptable, and an alternative definition of intrinsicality is offered.