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By 2007, Honda plans to introduce a total of ten PGM-FI equipped models in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and India.
joined forces to introduce a euphemistically named "Religious Political Freedom Act.
The company will also introduce its first product designed for corporate boardrooms and conference rooms -- the new Parrot CONFERENCE[TM] - a full-featured Bluetooth speakerphone that is wireless and battery powered so it's easy to move from meeting room to meeting room.
This method utilizes a hollow graphite or refractory tube to introduce a powder or granular nodularizing material conveyed by an inert gas to below the metal surface.
Turkcell held a press conference at the Hotel Conrad today, August 31, 2006, to present the products and services it will introduce under the theme of "Connect to Life with Turkcell" at CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia 2006.
Wilmington Machinery will announce improvements to its Series IV wheel machine, while Urola USA will introduce the M6-SC six-station wheel, which reportedly has 25% faster cycles than previous models.
1974 - Fiat introduces the in-mold process for ductile iron treatment.
His move came on the last day for lawmakers to introduce bills.
With the introduction of its 6 MegaPixel FinePix A600, Fujifilm continues to introduce easy-to-use cameras that deliver superb image quality for consumers new to digital photography.
Basell Polyolefins will introduce new PP resins for frozen-food packaging.
Based on the success of the At'm Take Along Chair, a lightweight, portable power wheelchair that the company introduced at Medtrade(R) 2004, Invacare will introduce the At'm Quick Transport (Q.
For its latest new bonusing concept, Mega Multiplier(TM), WMS will introduce four new game themes - Double Horseshoes, Hot Hot 777(TM), Charming Cherries(TM) and Triple Treat(TM).