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MetroPCS to Introduce 4G LTE Android-Based Smartphone II-37
Symantec Introduces Updated Mobile Security and Management
By 2007, Honda plans to introduce a total of ten PGM-FI equipped models in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and India.
The company will also introduce its first product designed for corporate boardrooms and conference rooms -- the new Parrot CONFERENCE[TM] - a full-featured Bluetooth speakerphone that is wireless and battery powered so it's easy to move from meeting room to meeting room.
Murray charged that CLS attorney Steven McFarland, NAE attorney Forest Montgomery and Southern Baptist Convention lobbyist Richard Land had launched "a conspiracy" to introduce "their own politically correct version of a `school prayer' amendment that is in no way a 'school prayer' amendment.
1948 - The open ladle treatment method was the first method used to introduce Mg to molten iron.
Gabler of Germany (represented here by Lyle Industries) will introduce the 50-in.
Two-thirds (66%) of surveyed adults with children under 18 feel it is important to introduce their children to outdoor activities and nature; forty percent (40%) said involving their children in the outdoors is something they do "all the time.
T-Mobile International to Introduce VDSL Services II-15