introduce changes

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ANKARA, May 12, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkish government is set to introduce changes to the organizational structure of the country's European Union affairs agency to take a more effective course in accession negotiations, government spokesman said.
The discussions are expected to cover means to introduce changes in rules relating to Indian derivatives market.
Walsall College is committed to gathering student feedback and using the information to introduce changes to the current systems and invest in new facilities to improve the overall learning experience.
Municipal leaders are faced with endless opportunities to introduce changes that can upset everyone from the local trash collector to the entire city.
And now -- after the fact -- a lawmaker wants to introduce changes in the state's gaming system?
British Airways is to introduce changes the way seats are selected and booked from 5 December.
However, it intends to introduce changes to takeoff and landing charges to further discourage the noisiest "marginally compliant aircraft" from using the airport.
The United States will introduce changes in the way Cubans apply for visitors' visas to end delays and corruption in the process, the top U.
That will introduce changes gradually and continue to abide by the six keys.
Target dependent neutron scattering effects introduce changes in beam divergence or path length that behave like target dependent magnetic field rotations.
The revisions introduce changes like the end of tax exemptions for religious activities outside the church.
Let's not introduce changes that risk alienating our nursing colleagues and destroying their considerable skills, especially in these days of nursing shortages.