introduced to

See: acquainted
References in classic literature ?
Young Shtcherbatsky, who had not been introduced to Karenin, was trying to look as though he were not in the least conscious of it.
It is not without melancholy that I wander among my recollections of the world of letters in London when first, bashful but eager, I was introduced to it.
I was introduced to this celebrated person after that one, and the kind words they said about my book made me excessively uncomfortable.
These greetings having been exchanged, Dorothy took the key to Tiktok from her pocket and wound up the machine man's action, so that he could bow properly when introduced to the rest of the company.
Introduced to Snowgrass--great poet, friend of Peek Weeks--by Mrs.
2004--CruiserMaxx[TM] Pak, which contained the first systemic seed treatment insecticide, introduced to the soybean market.
Already successful in England, the unit was introduced to the U.S.
From May 30 a second weekly flight will be introduced to the route on Tuesdays, the service confirmed as an all year round operation.
Mid-1980s--Computer solidification software is commercialized...Amine recycling is introduced to enhance the environmental benefits of the aminecured coldbox process...Ube Machinery introduces first squeeze casting equipment...Aikoh's (Japan) flux injection technology is initiated into U.S.
Fortunately, a new switch class was recently introduced to the SAN--the Loop Switch.
1955 - Spurred by People's Gas Co., Chicago, which began installing ductile iron gas mains, ductile iron pipe was first introduced to the marketplace.