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Although dark and nonpulsatile blood was detected, the 18-gauge introducer needle (Radifocus [sup][R], Introducer II, Terumo, Tokyo, Japan), which is the finest introducer needle available, might have penetrated the superior wall of subclavian artery and reached the ostium of the IMA [Figure 1], which allowed the smooth loach guide wire to possibly reach the IMA; the tip of the wire appeared in the shadow of the IVC in the anteroposterior oblique view.
use of nominees, non-resident clients, use of introducers without direct access to beneficial ownership information) was seen as a potential vulnerability.
The Sentrant Introducer Sheath is de signed for use with Medtronic's Endurant II AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) and Valiant Captivia stent graft systems, and also can be used with similar devices for endovascular repair.
Medical device company Theragenics Corporation (NYSE: TGX) on Thursday announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Galt Medical has launched its Microslide Pediatric Introducer line which features tearaway sheath introducers, small diameter guidewires and short needles, in the first quarter of 2012.
Ensuring that its contacts in the professional community can offer the best possible service to their customers, the Introducer Charter pledges to provide a refund towards cash flow forecast costs, and keep its business introducers fully updated on the status of negotiations at all times.
2][R], Edwards Lifesciences LLC, USA) was placed through a 9 F percutaneous introducer sheath (Advanced Venous Access High-Flow Device, Edwards Lifesciences LLC, USA) into the left internal jugular vein uneventfully.
To minimize "splash back" of fluid when inserting the Essure catheter into the introducer, leave the stylet within the introducer until the last minute, just before you are ready to deliver the catheter into it.
I WOULD appreciate your advice on becoming a Mortgage Introducer.
The device feature an introducer member with a hollow volume and an outlet.
This line is known as a large bore one-piece introducer or frequently referred to as a "cordis" line in reference to one manufacturer.