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Taiwanese builder of bag-making machines will introduce a machine for wire-loop handle bags.
Also at the show Fujifilm introduces its new high speed color reversal film, Fujichrome Provia 400X Professional Film, providing new levels of color saturation in the ISO400 class.
1919 - KitchenAid introduces the first stand mixer for the home.
This method utilizes a hollow graphite or refractory tube to introduce a powder or granular nodularizing material conveyed by an inert gas to below the metal surface.
E[acute accent]--Cyclades introduces two products; the AlterPath Integrator for HP OpenView integration module and the AlterPath OnSite branch office appliance Cyber Switching Inc.
will introduce its MD electric series (55, 82 and 110 tons).
3D Systems Introduces a Precision, Durable Stereolithography Material with Molded ABS Plastic-Like Characteristics - the Accura(R) SI 50 SL Material - in Two Colors
Farther downstream, Brampton will introduce a 360[degrees] oscillating hauloff and a center winder.
will feature a recently introduces "stickresistant" coating on its Heatrod cartridge heaters.