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Introducing two low-cost, augerless additive feeders: model OS-1 volumetric unit and OS-B loss-in-weight feeder.
Introducing CB Sharpening Systems, a training program to reduce knife-sharpening costs.
In addition to the new and improved products, Invacare also is introducing at Medtrade:
O'Brien and will be a very integral part in developing products for RJO's Introducing Broker network.
Introducing thermoplastic composite manufacturing process with short cycles, minimal scrap, and high output.
The Rehab Product Group also is introducing the new Formula(TM) Powered Seating, which combines three systems: the Formula(TM) PTO Plus, the Formula(TM) Invisible Super Low(TM) Tilt, and Formula(TM) TRE to meet the rehab positioning needs of consumers from simple to complex.
Introducing grades of metallocene-based Metocene PP for packaging.
WMS is also introducing two new video progressive games featuring penny denominations for the MONOPOLY Money progressive jackpot: Own It All(TM) and All in the Cards(TM).
Also introducing MoldWiz ABC-15 antiblock to improve handling and conveying of sticky TFE pellets.
Introducing three FFX pressure transmitters with Foundation fieldbus compatibility and Melt Monitor pressure sensors with integral display for extruders.
Polaris Industries celebrated its 50th anniversary last week by paying tribute to its past and introducing numerous new products that reflect the premium ride, quality and performance customers can expect from Polaris in the next 50 years.