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He gave it to the land newly discovered by Amerigo Vespucci on his voyage of 1501-1502, as he explained in the Cosmographiae Introductio published in 1507 with his world map.
Key Topics Covered: Chapter 1 Introductio Chapter 2 Executive Summary Chapter 3 Global Pharmacovigilance Market Dynamics Chapter 4 Global Pharmacovigilance Market, by Clinical Trial Phases Chapter 5 Global Pharmacovigilance Market, By Type of Methods Chapter 6 Global Pharmacovigilance Market, by Type of Service Providers Chapter 7 Global Pharmacovigilance Market, by Geography Chapter 8 Global Pharmacovigilance Market Share Analysis Chapter 9 Recommendations Chapter 10 Company Profiles Companies Mentioned:
30) For examples of the manualist approach in the Roman schools, see Hildebrand Hopfl, Introductio generalis in Sacram Scripturam, 5th ed.
23, Apuleius affirms that the end of wisdom is the emulation of the gods, and in Introductio in Platonem 6.
As part of my introductio n to the peninsula he took me on the US forces' tour of the Demilitarised Zone - the strip of land which has divided the country since the Korean War ended in 1953.
Introductio ad historiam naturalem, sistens genera lapidum, plantarum et animalium hactenus detecta, caracteribus essentialibus donata, in tribus divisa, subinde ad leges naturae.
Peter Abelard, for example, in his Introductio ad Theologiam and in his Theologia Christiana includes a substantial discussion of the pleasures of obscure texts.
The Leipzig publishers issued revised editions of classic sixteenth-century texts such as Heinrich Faber's Ad musicam practicam introductio (1550) as well as new guides for the seventeenth century by local musicians such as Nikolaus Gengenbach, Christoph Schultze, and Ambrosius Profe.
9 and 4, as well as in John Keill's Introductio ad veram physicam (1739) (Kant knew Keill's essay [compare 8:202, 29.
contains]]rikh, 52: 193 (= al-Tabari, Annales, Introductio, LXIX-XCVI; the reference in question occurs on Lxxv) and al-Dhahabi, Siyar, 14: 271.
in Ethicen introductio, with commentary by Josse Clichtove (1535); a sixteenth-century florilegium, Flores celebriorum sententiarum graecarum ac latinarum .
This latter book contains, in three surviving copies, (30) a closely allied Brevissima introductio ad litteras graecas, which, like nothing else, speaks to me of Aldus's intentions.