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noun act of bringing in, admittance, formal presentation, inductio, induction, interposition, invectio, offering, offering as an exhibit, placing, presentation
Associated concepts: introduction of evidence
See also: appearance, beginning, birth, emergence, genesis, inflow, infusion, insertion, installation, nascency, onset, origination, outset, overture, preamble, preface, prelude

INTRODUCTION. That part of a writing in which are detailed those facts which elucidate the subject. In chancery pleading, the introduction is that part of a bill which contains the names and description of the persons exhibiting the bill. In this part of the bill are also given the places of abode, title, or office, or business, and the character in which they sue, if it is in autre droit, and such other description as is required to show the jurisdiction of the court. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4156.

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Element 1 of the introduction gives the broad theme or topic of the study, making the readers understand exactly what the study is all about.
After adjustment for potential confounders, late introduction of potatoes, oats, rye, wheat, meat, fish and eggs was significantly directly associated with sensitisation to food allergens.
Of course, no new product introduction would be complete without a comprehensive marketing communications effort to support it.
The whole introduction should take no more than two minutes; otherwise, the audience will begin to assume that you have moved into the body and that they have just missed the transition.
In 1998, food introductions declined by 11%, dropping to 11,037, compared with 12,398 in 1997 (table 1).
This is consistent with the author's top-down approach to the history of Saltillo, which is not much different from the focus of the Boltonians whom Offutt criticized in her introduction.
The marketing communications plan executed for the product introduction translated into doubling projected product sales in the first year.
While more selections, perhaps double the number provided, could give readers a much needed broader sample for contrast and comparison, a more crucial weakness in We Lived in a Little Cabin in the Yard is the book's introduction.
Geoffrey French, edited and with an introduction by D.
This is a far more ambitious project than a re-narrating of the passing of the 1867 Act, and this book is an excellent introduction to this larger project.
The introduction of American foods and "colonial beverages," the dispossession of the peasantry, the turn to trade rather than agricultural innovation to guarantee sufficient foodstuffs, and the emergence of a politicized "bread question" are only a few of far-reaching developments covered in Flandrin's fascinating and complex introduction to "The Europe of the Nation-States.
Collectively, we have here a good introduction to the thought of Erasmus as it had developed by mid-life.

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