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The introductory all-inclusive return fares for Mumbai-Dubai-Mumbai start at Rs17,820 (Dh940) and for Dubai-Mumbai-Dubai start at Dh765, the airline said .
The order read that the introductory message of Kashmala Tariq was a violation of Ombudsman Act 2010, adding that only the 2010 Act details should be mentioned on introductory page of the book.
'The introductory remarks of the learned Ombudsman in the Booklet further affirms that the expression 'harassment' has been grossly misinterpreted by extending the meaning beyond the definition contained in section 2(h) of the Act of 2010,' reads the verdict.
Lamando's Comfortline variant is available in mangangrey, polar white, coriandolo and dark bronze, and has an introductory price of P1.569 million.
Class 1a Junior - Introductory C: 1 Hannah McIntyre Flicka 57.17.
27, 2018, the all-in introductory seat sale fare is at P2,399.
The introductory tobacco product used was assessed among ever and current tobacco product users.
"Coming soon, you'll be able to create an introductory price for new subscribers for a set period of time.
A number of students from the American school presented various contributions during the ceremony which they had learned during introductory visits.
A third say they received no notice their interest rate was increasing, despite industry rules stating that lenders must inform customers four to eight weeks before an introductory offer ends.
This study used a randomized controlled trial to determine whether students, assessed by their community colleges as needing an elementary algebra (remedial) mathematics course, could instead succeed at least as well in a college-level, credit-bearing introductory statistics course with extra support (a weekly workshop).
EASY access savings accounts which pay an introductory bonus rate are on the "verge of disappearing", a financial information website has warned.

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