introductory statement

See: preamble
References in classic literature ?
Experience has suggested the brief introductory statement of main literary principles, too often taken for granted by teachers, with much resulting haziness in the student's mind.
To provide context for the reader, Racino states the purpose and orientation of the book in her introductory statement, and these views are clearly demonstrated throughout the book.
It permits the reader to enter, however superficially, into the language realm of the poetry, "that frenzied old forbearance," according to Jaime Luis Huenun's introductory statement.
As Congressman Houghton noted in his introductory statement, H.
He also provides a brief introductory statement and a portrait photo of each composer to accompany the interview.
As Morris read out an introductory statement, there was almost a hint of counter accusation in Dallaglio's eyes.
The introductory statement of House and Garden editor Dominique Browning was typical.
Following an introductory statement on "Shakespeare and Sexuality" by Ann Thompson, nearly a dozen essays address this broad topic from angles too varied to suggest anything resembling a critical orthodoxy.
The previously mentioned introductory statement contrasts perfection against truthfulness.
The author eschews scholarship and history in his introductory statement, but dabbles derivatively in both.
The book is divided into six sections plus an introductory statement and a final chapter on "Policy and Practices.
said in his introductory statement of the bill, "high speed rail is not a partisan issue.