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Diploid inbred lines are under development thanks to the introgression of a self-compatibility gene which may eventually lead to the production of F| hybrid seed potato (Phumichai et al.
Proximity and introgression of other potato species does not explain genetic dissimilarity between Solanum verrucosum populations of northern and southern Mexico.
The introgression of 2x 1EBN Solatium species into the cultivated potato using Solatium verrucosum as a bridge.
Introgression of wild species germplasm with extreme resistance to cold sweetening into the cultivated potato.
Introgression of cold (4 C) chipping from 2x (2 Endosperm Balance Number) potato species into 4x (4EBN) cultivated potato using sexual polyploidization.
Introgression of Solatium chacoense (Solatium sect.
Interestingly, one haplotype (RC 25) had similarity with Bos taurus cattle indicates introgression of taurus blood in RC cattle as results of crossbreeding with Bos taurus.
It is speculated that introgression has occurred several times in RC cattle with Bos indicus and Bos taurus cattle in the recent millennia because there was no existence of taurine cattle population in Bangladesh before 20th century.