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Interestingly, one haplotype (RC 25) had similarity with Bos taurus cattle indicates introgression of taurus blood in RC cattle as results of crossbreeding with Bos taurus.
2], and including only those individuals with mature pods at the moment of collection), and (iv) morphological evidence of possible wild-domesticated introgression on flower, pod, or seed characters.
On the basis of information regarding relative genomic positions of introgression events, accessions TI 1462, TI 1500, and Samsun NN were crossed to TM[V.
INTROGRESSION OF USEFUL GENES from wild relatives into maize has been frequently conducted (Iltis et al.
However, when considering performance of closely related varieties, "Evidently introgression of a small amount of DNA can have significant effects on agronomic performance.
If hybrid progenies backcross with their parents in subsequent generations, the phenomenon is termed introgression.
These hybrids may serve as a bridge for the introgression of herbicide-resistance genes from wheat to jointed goatgrass populations.
Additionally, the selection for common bean phenotype imposed by breeders may have eliminated much of the tepary bean introgressions in the simple backcrosses, whereas a breeding method that encourages recombination such as congruity backcrossing, might have reduced the elimination of the tepary bean genome by reducing linkage drag and the propensity of phenotypic selection to remove large introgressions.
INTROGRESSIONS OF RYE chromatin into wheat through wheat-rye chromosomal substitutions and translocations have increased the genetic diversity of bread wheat cultivars for various characters (Zeller and Hsam, 1984).
Primary recombinants with breakpoints in the appropriate positions were intercrossed and secondary recombinant chromosomes (with intercalary introgressions) were selected; these were again intercrossed to produce tertiary recombinant 1RS arms with double introgressions from 1BS (Lukaszewski, 2000).
1D translocations in Rhino, all introgressions of 1DL present in the six lines of durum wheat here are interstitial.