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The clinical appearance of two orifices in the introitus with an absent anal opening leads to the differential diagnosis of anorectal agenesis without fistula, a rectovaginal fistula (high or low) or a rectovestibular fistula with either a urogenital sinus or MRKH syndrome.
The patient had foul smelling vaginal discharge since 2 years, but she did not seek any medical help and was presented in emergency with a huge infected cervical fibroid polyp protruding at introitus with features of sepsis and anaemia.
El texto y la musica del Requiem de Mozart tienen su origen en la tradicion catolico-romana: una posible iniciacion musical le fue suministrada al compositor por el Requiem [1771] de Michael Haydn, hermano de Joseph, para las exequias del arzobispo Schrattenbach, predecesor de Colloredo en la sede principesco-arzobispal-metropolitana de Salzburgo; hay influencias de otros compositores austriacos como Gassmann y Fux y, en el Introitus, G.
Cases of narrowed introitus, multiple previous caesarean sections, and the large uteri requiring morcellation can be approached vaginally and achieved safely and efficiently with use of the above techniques.
Yaklasik 2 yil once fark ettigi genital bolgedeki kabartilari olan hastanin dermatolojik muayenesinde labia minorlerde birkac adet, introitus vajina bolgesinde cok sayida, parlak, mukoza ile ayni renkte, yumusak eritematoz papillomatoz olusumlar mevcuttu.
After vaginal introitus, vaginal lavage was taken daily from each mouse to determine the age at first estrus (puberty) judged from the cornified smear (Cooper et al.
In females prone to the development of cystitis, however, enteric Gram-negative organisms residing in the bowel colonize the introitus, the periurethral skin, and distal urethral before and during bacteriuria episodes.
Established ER presence allows the consideration of the introitus of the vagina as a target for estrogen therapy in various clinical and surgical situations.
One of the final exhibits is a freestanding multimedia didactic display consisting of two components: a glass-encased copy of Gevaerts's Pompa introitus honori Ferdinandi Austriaci Hispaniarum Infantis (oversize folio, Antwerp: Plantin-Moretus, 1635, 1641 ed.
The patient presented normal development of secondary sexual characters, no sign of androgen excess, minimum invagination in theoretical area of vaginal introitus, and vagina agenesis.
Defibulation is a surgical procedure to open the scar which has formed, expose the introitus and create new labia majora.
We defined genital herpes lesions as a positive result in specimens from sites in a "boxer short" distribution, namely: groin, pubic area, urethra, penis, vagina, vulva, cervix, clitoris, introitus, labia, perineum, anus, perianal, rectum, or buttocks.