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Pre- and postoperative symptoms (N=150) Preoperative Postoperative Symptoms N % N % Something protruding through vaginal introitus 130 86.
Summa ducati x, bolognini xxx" (ASA 107, Introitus, fol.
Even more variety is added in the form of two dramatic works by Mozart: the Introitus and Kyrie from his Requiem, and the Allegro con Brio from his 25th Symphony.
The delivery of the uterus through what appears to be a small colpotomy incision is accomplished by deflating the vaginal occlusion balloon and gently applying traction on the stem, bringing the cervix closer to the introitus.
Measurement of volume of entrapped bathwater: On 2 occasions, fluid was collected for measurement by holding a measuring cup under the introitus during evacuation.
Should doctors reconstruct the vaginal introitus of adolescent girls to mimic the virginal state?
Introitus und Hymnus, fur Sopran, Alt, Bariton, Streichtrio, Orchester, und kleine gemischte Chor (1919-20).
I press lightly across the entire area, the labia majora, interlabial sulcus, and along the introitus, to a 2-3 mm depth," Dr.
In end-stage vulvar lichen sclerosus, there is total loss of identifiable structures, and the introitus can be reduced to a slit-like opening with fusion of the labia.
Giselle's gynaecological examination revealed a very constricted and scarred vaginal introitus and vulva.
The patients applied the cream to the clitoris, eriurethral area, vaginal introitus, outer vagina, and inner surfaces of the labia minora.
This problem is compounded in the score of the eighth piece of the Nine Rivers cycle, Introitus, commissioned by IRCAM for the Ensemble InterContemporain and premiered under Peter Eotvos on 10 May 1990.