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During copulation, male surfperches utilize external copulatory structures (e.g., genital papilla, intromittent organs) to transfer sperm into the female reproductive tract (Blake 1868; Hubbs 1917; Tarp 1952; Gardiner 1978).
Females have paired copulatory ducts, each leading to a spermatheca, and males have paired intromittent organs (emboli).
9): hood of guide pocket curves slightly towards the posterior of epigynum; intromittent orifices close together and anterior to spermathecae, width of spermatheca approximately 2 X width of intromittent orifices, spermathecal apophyses visible at posterior of epigynum as small sclerotized, opposing "comma" shapes arched towards each other.
Female epigynum with a sclerotized fold, with intromittent orifice situated in the fold; spermathecae globular (Ono 1988).
11) which in Schizocosa is a small, free sclerite near the base of the intromittent portion of the embolus (IPE) (Figs.
Book lung covers and external epigyne of females separately sclerotized; intromittent pores surrounded by an epigynal sclerite.
The influence of phosphate radical and Scatchard method reveals that the complex is combined with hsDNA in the electrostatic and intromittent modes.