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For India's local collaborators facilitating the oppression of their own people the moment of reckoning and introspection is over," it added.
Currently available as a technology preview, Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection tightly integrates with the Direct Inspect API released by Citrix as part of XenServer 7, the first commercial hypervisor capable of virtual machine introspection.
She said that Maula Baksh Chandio is politically unemployed and that he must do some introspection before criticising other.
the brain's functional connectivity, and determined the inputs to the brain in the resting state allowing them to interpret the children's introspection level.
Chapter 5 reflects on the methods for improving introspection developed by introspective psychologists in the early 20th century, but emphasizes the 'daunting obstacles for any such program' (74).
Its material is simple and its force lies in its constantly evolving patterns, and here the Fujitas' introspection produced a high level of intensity.
Immordino-Yang's hypothesis, borne out thus far by her research, is that the feeling or emotional reactions in the body may sometimes prompt introspection, and can ultimately promote moral choices and motivation to help or emulate others.
Hence introspection is here divided into two categories: introspection of propositional attitude events, on the one hand, and introspection of broadly perceptual events, on the other.
The following article is an introspection into my childhood and early youth memories in relation to language acquisition and learning of foreign languages.
they are forming the second raft of introspection & will be discussed in full in our next few meetings.
Her personal life was defined by introspection and the rich relationships, which she maintained through prolific letter writing, despite her fieldwork in remote locations.