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Pearlstein works in a much more traditional vein than many contemporary painters, yet, because he is a master of human topography, he has been able to transform the introspective process of looking into a visible act.
Best practice knowledge sharing systems work to rapidly identify new quality issues in the industry and provoke introspective reviews, thereby learning from others and avoiding the pitfalls and traps being endured by others.
McKee's solo work became increasingly introspective and haunted, raw nerves set to music.
Built" is an introspective view on the Motorcycle and Trucking customization industries featuring famous industry veterans such as Dave Perewitz, Donny Smith, Arlen Ness and many others.
IT'S HARD TO imagine a pop-music artist who could be more out of fashion at this point than Joni Mitchell: a nakedly honest, introspective folkie who doesn't apologize for noodling around with less-accessible jazz riffs scarcely fits in a landscape filled with hip-hop braggadocio and teen-pop inanity.
The band -- Jonathan, Munky, Head, Fieldy and David -- has redefined the parameters of heavy music, revolutionizing the genre by matching unsettling guitar textures and volcanic rhythms with jagged, introspective lyrics and intense vocal stylings.
Meanwhile, the retro glam anthem ``Little Bit Stupid'' and an introspective ``Blue Flame'' are among Jackson's best cuts.
This album, yet untitled, features the artist's most introspective and creative work of his career.
But this show was more introspective than any I've seen.
Ralph Appy, the Port's Director of Environmental Management, the EMS will provide an introspective, organized approach to environmental management, further incorporate environmental considerations into day-to-day operations and achieve continual environmental improvement.
A lot of the films were a lot more introspective, where the story was more about somebody coming to terms with their past, or coming to terms with an issue or problem,'' said festival programming director Elaine Wood.
Introspective and both self-condemnatory and self-congratulatory, the protagonist's thoughts are portrayed with a vividness showing not only a man's fall from greatness but also the beauty and power of speed.