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Additionally, Introspective Networks has entered into a partnership agreement with Enquiron[R], a leader in business-critical professional services and consulting, to offer its secure communications solutions to cyber solutions clients.
Consistent with the pattern of introspective accuracy for everyday functioning, patients with schizophrenia tend to make more high-confidence errors than healthy individuals on social cognitive tasks.
Guys in camouflage, deep in the woods, grow introspective.
If there is not a property that resembles the introspective representation of phenomenal redness, but there is a property that normally causes such introspective representations, then the concept 'phenomenal redness' applies to that property.
Scenes from The Stripey Introspective installation (left and far left) by Emma O'Brien, and Love Nest in the Sun panel (below) and Wave by Wave panel (bottom) by glass artist Gaelle Roche.
In a series of smaller canvases, Handelman tones down his light fantastic in favor of a more introspective luminosity.
Maybe a person who comes here is not just looking for the standard tour, but something introspective, snore spontaneous," says Cuzzi, who's also lived in Spain and Canada.
Introspective self-enquiry leads to knowledge, which in turn results in realisation.
As a quiet and introspective young man entering college followed directly by graduate school, my quest for intellectual knowledge was all about finding a voice and history for my community.
Out of the experience, Jones penned his introspective Cuba Libre, which criticized Beat figures as "merely people like myself who grow beards and will not participate in politics.
Piano students easily will be engaged by the reflective and introspective character of these works.
While most thirty-something hardcore kids (ok, we're adults now) have stashed their finger-pointing lyrics and chugga-chugga breakdowns in favor of more introspective, more reflective subject matters, Paint it Black's new album, CVA, combines a fierce hardcore bravado reminiscent of youth crew/Uniform Choice and a clear political bend.