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Jane could introspectively differentiate the subjective processes involved in the production of Seth's channeled books and the phenomenological processes underlying the production of her own literary works in non-Seth states of consciousness.
Though straight out of mill town Massachusetts, Steve was like a character from an early Truffaut movie, a cousin of Antoine Doinel, a sensitive bad boy grown up out of the districts of the working class and set mischievously and introspectively loose upon the world.
This tendency toward bureaucratic overreach is discussed introspectively in Archaeology Under Dictatorship, Michael L.
These REFlective learners process information introspectively, and they tend to do better on the exams in comparison to their ACTive learner classmates.
The Carduccis played Haydn's E flat Quartet, subtitled The Joke, with sparkling relish, particularly the introspectively whimsical glissandi in its trio - that's Haydn for you - and rose to the challenge of Beethoven's F Minor Quartet, subtitled Serioso.
According to Yanagi's description, "the work is not oratorical; it speaks only one or two words but in a reserved voice; it introspectively keeps its delight and sorrow to itself.
It is vital that we look at our teaching introspectively and objectively.
Her poems are by turns introspectively personal and angrily political.
92) "Implicit stereotypes are the introspectively unidentified (or inaccurately identified) traces of past experience that mediate attributions of qualities to members of a social category.
obscurely felt" and introspectively opaque feelings to moral
Broe's book also points to another problem of the American academe: the tendency introspectively to focus on national U.
Introspectively, I see how the principle of complementarity has affected me.