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Jane could introspectively differentiate the subjective processes involved in the production of Seth's channeled books and the phenomenological processes underlying the production of her own literary works in non-Seth states of consciousness.
If sense-data are taken to be epistemologically fundamental, then only our beliefs about how things seem to us introspectively (about appearances) are foundational and certain.
These REFlective learners process information introspectively, and they tend to do better on the exams in comparison to their ACTive learner classmates.
As a matter of fact, such descriptions do not refer to a phenomenal individual, but only to an introspectively accessible time slice of the actual process of representation, that is, to a content property of this process at t.
The Carduccis played Haydn's E flat Quartet, subtitled The Joke, with sparkling relish, particularly the introspectively whimsical glissandi in its trio - that's Haydn for you - and rose to the challenge of Beethoven's F Minor Quartet, subtitled Serioso.
According to Yanagi's description, "the work is not oratorical; it speaks only one or two words but in a reserved voice; it introspectively keeps its delight and sorrow to itself.
It is vital that we look at our teaching introspectively and objectively.
Next week's Vox Tablet podcast comes early, as host Sara Ivry and Rabbi Andy Bachman introspectively stroll around Brooklyn's Mount Carmel Cemetery.
Although the adolescents in those studies wrote introspectively about their difficulties and even obsessed about their troubles, they confided in other adolescents, but not in adults.
Her poems are by turns introspectively personal and angrily political.
As one online teacher commented, "By developing my course, I have had the opportunity to introspectively analyze what I am teaching, why I teach the way I do, and how I can change and improve my communication with students" (Lowes, 2005, p.
Introspectively, I see how the principle of complementarity has affected me.