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The cerebral cortex over- activity most related scores like the extreme score introspectiveness score and reactive score were not significantly reduced.
However, custody is not, to my mind, doing anything remotely worthwhile or socially productive with these (normally) sought-after qualities (resourcefulness, introspectiveness, etc.
Certain family characteristics such as parental concern with a child's health and parental abusiveness are particularly relevant to the development of negatively biased introspectiveness and the inclination to monitor inner body sensations.
Hare tries in vain to conform with this new order by attending 'faith parties'--social events that feature prayer, singing, and morale-boosting speeches in an attempt to bolster communal feeling--but he is regarded with suspicion because of his liking for reading and taking solitary walks at a time when activities that denote 'curiosity, or introspectiveness, or a desire for solitude' are frowned upon (p.
But there's a cracked poetry in evidence that fits the material and the painful introspectiveness of adolescence, making the show's youthful spirit feel sincere and heartfelt.