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The perception of an extraverted Jesus might reflect a tendency within American culture to value extraversion over introversion (Keirsey, 1998).
She discovered 30 books on shyness, but not one that explained introversion.
The qualities of extroversion are certainly commendable, but introversion carries its own rewards.
Bridging an Extraversion-Introversion Communication Gap The assessment process revealed that four members of the team had a preference for Introversion and only one for Extraversion, an imbalance that created some tension as the team member with Extraverted preferences was perceived at times by the others as dominating the conversation.
Vulnerable narcissism is marked by excessive self-absorption, introversion and over-sensitivity.
There are snippets of the lo fi excursions of Beach House here, some of the introversion of Animal Collective.
He argued that through their stance, statements and behaviour, both men chose to drag the party back into introversion, misery and contradictions, undermining its unity, disappointing its supporters and bankrupting its authority and relationship of trust with the party base and Cypriot people.
The stages of his narrative are breakthrough for a new moral order 1885-1919; conflict, introversion, and a tradition of Korean revivalists 1920-53; evangelicalism takes off in South Korea 1953-88; and the intensely practical and devotional character of Korean evangelicalism.
Silly "It has become exactly like medieval Scotland - the clannishness, the introversion.
Tyson's performed introversion is matched by his brother's frivolity.
Dr Martin Stephen, high master at St Paul's in London on exam league tables "The odd thing about Gordon Brown is that he would have been a great statesman in the 19th century, but in this televisual age, with his glowering demeanour, his blind eye and his introversion, he is out of time.
Look out for changes in behaviour, such as anger, nervousness, tearfulness, introversion, nightmares or poor sleep.