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Blue Security's Do Not Intrude Registry is a ground-breaking solution for proactively fighting spam and enabling users to restore their e-mail to a safe, efficient and effective form of communication.
Consumers and organizations can download Blue Frog and join the Do Not Intrude Registry by simply registering their e-mail addresses or their entire e-mail domain at http://www.
Since the launch of the Do Not Intrude Registry in the summer of 2005, approximately 65,000 e-mail addresses have been registered and protected through the Blue Community.
The Do Not Intrude Registry empowers the owners of e-mail domains to exercise their right under the CAN-SPAM Act, to securely and automatically opt-out of spam.
The company has already achieved notable success by compelling major spammers, including Europe's second largest spammer, to comply with the Do No Intrude Registry.
The company's grassroots approach, the Do Not Intrude Registry, empowers members to request securely and automatically that spammers remove them from their lists.
The Do Not Intrude Registry is inspired by the Do Not Call Registry that, by registering one's telephone number, puts a stop to unsolicited telemarketing phone calls.
At one point in the narrative, when the dinner party is coming to an end and the guests are waiting for Hilda to join them, Spark intrudes to predict the future: "But Hilda Damien will not come in after dinner.
Ward, a 68-year-old demented man, hits out when someone intrudes into his space.
Paul Schullery, who works in Yellowstone's research division, intrudes on the stories only when necessary to warn the reader that certain information has been proven wrong, and his introductions are often as good as the stories themselves.
Unfortunately, this manic streak intrudes so much as to blight the book.