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INTRUDER. One who, on the death of the ancestor, enters on the land, unlawfully, before the heir can enter.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Provocative Israeli measures and threats to intrude in Al-Aqsa had caused
Brick's understated semi-voiced reading does not intrude on the story line.
Summary: North Korea has threatened military action if the South intrudes into its territorial waters.
An extruded rubber member having a cross-section in which a portion of a second unvulcanized rubber intrudes between portions of a first unvulcanized rubber is formed by extrusion.
The book isn't perfect, and there are moments where the narrator's voice intrudes on (and thus takes away from) the story.
Less a character than a dea ex machina, Amber ruthlessly intrudes upon the family.
In one instance, Loren spends a day wandering with his cousin Eli, a beautiful, tough boy with a slender back and a wild honesty, whom Loren admires because he "could walk shirtless across open fields without shame." In contrast to such passages, which portray the tender interiority of Loren's life, the narrator, Luther, intrudes only occasionally into the text and thus remains somewhat extraneous to the story.
In Tumlir's essay titled "Uta Barth: Figures of Stasis and Flux," he writes, "By purging her pictures of their ostensible subjects, [Barth] has sought to redirect our attention to a kind of perceptual noise, that which intrudes all around: in the setting, the outlying objects, the air." In this "purging" of the subject, Barth's art photographs are quintessentially postmodern.
At one point in the narrative the authorial voice intrudes to express her support for Margaret.
Although the story is very dramatic and the editor suggests, "Nothing even approaching the routine intrudes into this symphony," the first movement is rather repetitive, and the secondo part in particular is not especially inventive or interesting.
Ward, a 68-year-old demented man, hits out when someone intrudes into his space.