intrude upon

See: harass
References in classic literature ?
Rostov's deferential tone seemed to indicate that though he would consider himself happy to be acquainted with her, he did not wish to take advantage of her misfortunes to intrude upon her.
No sooner had he crossed the border of this domain when two guards seized him and carried him before the Grand Gallipoot of the Growleywogs, who scowled upon him ferociously and asked him why he dared intrude upon his territory.
"I am very much obliged," he said, "but I will not intrude upon you further.
And such a luxury to him was this petting of his sorrows, that he could not bear to have any worldly cheeriness or any grating delight intrude upon it; it was too sacred for such contact; and so, presently, when his cousin Mary danced in, all alive with the joy of seeing home again after an age-long visit of one week to the country, he got up and moved in clouds and darkness out at one door as she brought song and sunshine in at the other.
The propensity of the legislative department to intrude upon the rights, and to absorb the powers, of the other departments, has been already suggested and repeated; the insufficiency of a mere parchment delineation of the boundaries of each, has also been remarked upon; and the necessity of furnishing each with constitutional arms for its own defense, has been inferred and proved.
The ladies, in particular, were not disposed to scan too nicely the morals of a man who was a professed admirer of their sex, and who possessed many means of dispelling the ennui which was too apt to intrude upon the halls and bowers of an ancient feudal castle.
If I did not fear to intrude upon the rights of our commanding general, I would offer you some post worthy of you near our person."
'I will not intrude upon your conference another moment,' said Mr Chester with inconceivable politeness.
that I would not intrude upon his kindness, were I in any other position than on the confines of distraction.
Yes, there was the recognisable, rhythmic clickety-click of the passage over the rails, but it did not seriously intrude upon the hundreds of millions of journeys made by rail users over the years and years of train travel that had preceded the regulation-bound, health and safety conscious, snowflake-controlled fiasco that masquerades as train travel today!
Specifically, whether a criminal defendant charged with interference with privacy under subdivision 1(a) must have a specific "intent to intrude upon or interfere with" the victim's privacy when he enters the property of another, or if it is sufficient that the state prove this intent only when he "gazes, stares, or peeps" through the victim's window.
In some of the paintings, anime eyes and hair are "superimposed" is not the word we are looking for here collaged or overlaid on hyperrealistically drawn images of women, statues or even (as meta as it sounds) "paintings." A cutesy unicorn and comical Donald Duck with a gun intrude upon an image of an astronaut floating in space (2001: A Space Odyssey meets My Little Pony) and a wiry guy in mid-toke (Donald ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence).