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A sample of 55 intruded incisor teeth in 40 children aged between 6 and 14 years of age was reviewed in respect of management of their intrusive dental injuries.
As many as 100 Chinese soldiers riding horses and ponies intruded deep into the Indian territory on 16 and 17 July, according sources.
A Press Trust of India (PTI) report quoting defense sources said India on Sunday afternoon shot down an unmanned Pakistani plane while it intruded into its air space in the Poonch sector of Kashmir near the border.
The AN-2 plane from Kyrgyzstan trespassed the state border and intruded into the airspace of Uzbekistan near the city of Khanabad on September 15.
In a written reply, Antony stated that Pakistan intruded six times into the Indian Air space, while China did the same three times and the US aircrafts twice.
The General Prosecutor's Office of Uzbekistan claimed yesterday that a group of gunmen who attacked Uzbek law enforcement officers in the Uzbek town of Khanabad intruded from the territory of Kyrgyzstan.
Parliamentarian of Ak Jol party Begaly Nargozuev today said Uzbek border guards with submachine guns intruded into Kyrgyzstan.