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I have never asked, nor has any other who was there that day intruded on my sorrow or recalled to my mind the occurrences which they know could but at best reopen the terrible wound within my heart.
The question intruded itself: "Which bore the blessed Saviour, and which the thieves?
Cautiously he intruded his hand between the meshes of the lattice until his whole arm was within the cabin.
We must apologize for having intruded upon you, Professor Coram, and I promise that we won't disturb you until after lunch.
The glorious past, in which men and women grew to unexampled size, intruded too much upon the present, and dwarfed it too consistently, to be altogether encouraging to one forced to make her experiment in living when the great age was dead.
At last he cut one of the pin ropes, raised the bottom of the canvas, and intruded his head within the interior.
For hours they labored upon that mighty work of defence, and it was late at night ere they made a little opening large enough to admit a hand and arm, but the first one intruded within the room to raise the bars was drawn quickly back with a howl of pain from its owner.
Something alien had intruded into the old, perfect, school-day comradeship -- something that threatened to mar it.
I did not know that you were so pleasantly engaged," he added, with a wave of his hat to the girl, "or I would not have intruded.
He was conscious, too, of a sentiment which rarely intruded itself into his affairs.
It seemed to him that he had intruded upon the holy of holies, and slowly and carefully he moved his head aside from the contact which thrilled him like an electric shock and of which she had not been aware.
Robed in dismal black, relieved only by the brilliant whiteness of her widow's cap--reclining in a panther-like suppleness of attitude on a little green sofa--she looked at the stranger who had intruded on her, with a moment's languid curiosity, then dropped her eyes again to the hand-screen which she held between her face and the fire.