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INTRUDER. One who, on the death of the ancestor, enters on the land, unlawfully, before the heir can enter.

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Rose got to know about the intruder on Wednesday afternoon when she saw the broken window in the kitchen and checked the surveillance footage.
Sergeant James Braden said: "The intruder stabbed the security guard and the guard shot the intruder.
Police said the alleged intruder was also being treated in hospital.
For operational reasons, gardai have not disclosed details about how the intruder entered and exited the house.
Therefore, it is unclear whether dominance relationships can be destabilized after sensory cues associated with the formation of the original relationship or with the defeat by the intruder are eliminated.
Suzuki's Intruder series has been on the go for years and the C1500T sits below the mighty C1800R in the latest line-up.
The intruder, according to police, came to the residence and began calling the couple names, such as "fatso" and "Harry Potter.
Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation, Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, said the intruder was not a thief as the woman suggested, but a drunk.
Together, the interrogation of the captured intruder reveals that about 100 armed persons have crossed the border by various means.
According to Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary, the intruder was identified as Dominic Adesanya of Bel Air, Maryland.
Developed by nationally recognized school security expert Brad Spicer, the ERIP Intruder Vulnerability Assessment is based upon national best practices and SafePlans' lessons learned.
50pm on Saturday and along with paramedics gave first aid to the injured intruder thought to be aged in his late 30s but he died shortly after.