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A central body of mineralized granodiorite porphyry intrudes limestone, and fluids from the intrusion have produced a shell of copper-zinc-silver mineralization in the limestone.
The friendship is pure until a consciousness of class and ethnicity intrudes.
As we all rush out to buy our winning tickets for Wednesday's projected $28 million jackpot, one reality check intrudes on our dream of fast cars, long vacations and expansive mansions: Should we pencil in ``lump sum'' or ``annual payments'' on our lotto ticket?
A drift, started in the middle of the high grade zone found in the crosscut, is being driven at north 45 degrees east, parallel to the footwall contact between the mineralized porphyry and the metavolcanics it intrudes.
Indomin geologists believe the magnetic anomaly may be caused by contact metamorphic effects where the granite intrudes the calcareous sedimentary rocks and that the source of the gold may be skarn mineralisation associated with these effects.