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As they passed the gates, the French officers, who had learned their rank, bowed often and low, forbearing, however, to intrude those attentions which they saw, with peculiar tact, might not be agreeable.
And such a luxury to him was this petting of his sorrows, that he could not bear to have any worldly cheeriness or any grating delight intrude upon it; it was too sacred for such contact; and so, presently, when his cousin Mary danced in, all alive with the joy of seeing home again after an age-long visit of one week to the country, he got up and moved in clouds and darkness out at one door as she brought song and sunshine in at the other.
Without attempting to intrude myself into your confidence, may I inquire whether Mr.
You do not intrude, nor do you in the least embarrass my project.
My dear fellow," cried Bellegarde with warmth, "I hope I have too good manners to intrude.
But see, amid the mimic rout A crawling shape intrude
it is bad enough to intrude in this way, and I do not know what you can say or think of the time selected, for the intrusion.