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Troy would have unquestionably returned to the drawing-room, with or without an acceptable excuse for intruding himself.
I had no idea I was intruding on you, at a time when you must wish to be alone.
After first fixing on me a broad stare of astonishment, she pointedly addressed her apologies for intruding on us to the Major alone.
You have behaved like foolish little schoolboys, what with intruding ethics and the thunder of the common politician into such a discussion.
He thoroughly understood our trying position, and felt all the importance of preventing such a person as Mercy Merrick from seizing the opportunity of intruding herself at the bedside.
I beg everybody's pardon for intruding again,' said Crowl, looking in at this happy juncture; 'but what a queer business this is, isn't it?
Although we have reason to believe from geological evidence that the whole body of arctic shells underwent scarcely any modification during their long southern migration and re-migration northward, the case may have been wholly different with those intruding forms which settled themselves on the intertropical mountains, and in the southern hemisphere.
But you needn't mind that; I shall never trouble you again by intruding my company upon you so unseasonably.
Why should we desecrate noble and beautiful souls by intruding on them?
Alexey Alexandrovitch began, suddenly turning white; but at that moment the lawyer rose and again went to the door to speak to the intruding clerk.
You are very obedient indeed really and it's extremely honourable and gentlemanly in you I am sure but still at the same time if you would like to be a little tighter than that I shouldn't consider it intruding.
His old sweetheart, being in fact so near at hand that she was then reclining against him in a flutter, a very substantial angle of forty-five degrees, here interposed to assure Mistress Affery with greater earnestness than directness of asseveration, that what she heard should go no further, but should be kept inviolate, 'if on no other account on Arthur's--sensible of intruding in being too familiar Doyce and Clennam's.