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This is not the first time that Iran's airspace has been violated by intruding planes.
But these occasions are hugely outnumbered by the frequency of governments and politics intruding on religious-moral affairs.
Chinese villages along the China-Russia border have been reporting more sightings of intruding wild animals due to improving ecology.
Earlier, it violated the airspace four days ago by intruding 5km and hovered for ten minutes.
An intruding digital camera gives itself away because its picture-making image sensor has an unusual property exiled retroreflectivity.
The two vessels, assigned to Izuhara and Hitakatsu, both on the southern part of Tsushima Islands, should be able to deal with any intruding South Korean fishing vessel whose speed exceed 40 knots, especially in pursuit and arrest operations, an official at the headquarters said.
Hitting is his response to someone coming too close, someone intruding, touching him or taking an item that he considers his own possession.