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noun aggression, attack, encroachment, forced entrance, importunitas, imposition, incursion, infringement, interference, interloping, interruption, invasion, irruption, meddling, obtrusion, uninvited attendance, uninvited entry, unlawful entry, unwelcome suggestion
Associated concepts: intrusion of rights, right of privacy, trespass
See also: assault, disturbance, encroachment, incursion, infringement, interference, interruption, intervention, invasion, molestation, nuisance, onset

INTRUSION, estates, torts. When an ancestor dies seised of an estate of inheritance expectant upon an estate for life, and then the tenant dies, and between his death and the entry of the heir, a stranger unlawfully enters upon the estate, this is called an intrusion. It differs from an abatement, for the latter is an entry into lands void by the death of a tenant in fee, and an intrusion, as already stated, is an entry into land void by the death of a tenant for years. F. N. B. 203 3 Bl. Com. 169 Archb. Civ. Pl. 12; Dane's Ab. Index, h. t.

INTRUSION, remedies. The name of a writ, brought by the owner of a fee simple, &c., against an intruder. New Nat. Br. 453.

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Two examples of PGE mineralization associated with orogenic magmatism are illustrated by the Mechanic Intrusion in the Appalachians and the Giant Mascot in the Cordillera.
Although the intrusion may have just occurred, it is typically at least a few hours or a few days old.
com), a security software company that specializes in host intrusion prevention systems, today announced the addition of key systems integrators and resellers in New York, Washington, and Chicago to the Third Brigade Partner Force program.
Third Brigade provides an integral source of host security information and is the first host intrusion prevention system that allows a SIM/SEM to actively respond to and change host-level security policies through its comprehensive web services interface.
This allows us to quickly support new operating system versions, and ensures that our host intrusion prevention system is not a barrier to customer deployments of new platform versions.
Intrusion Prevention works in collaboration with Orange Business Services' existing Intrusion Detection service and other security services to add more depth in defense for IT infrastructure.
With more than 3 million downloads to date, Snort not only protects the assets of some of the world's leading organizations, but it is also the leading training tool for providing practical intrusion detection and prevention experience to professionals and students worldwide," said Tom McDonough, Sourcefire President and COO.
WASHINGTON -- iPolicy Networks, provider of integrated network security solutions, today announced the iPolicy 6410 Intrusion Prevention Firewall (IPF) security appliance.
AirDefense, the innovator that launched the wireless LAN security market, today announced it has received an allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the company's third patent, which covers core technology fundamental to all wireless intrusion detection and prevention solutions.
iPolicy Networks, inventor of the Intrusion Prevention Firewall for real-time network protection, today announced that the Nederland Independent School District (ISD), has installed iPolicy's Intrusion Prevention Firewalls to secure their entire campus-wide network against external as well as internal threats.
E[acute accent]"Within minutes after Intrusion installed Compliance Commander, we began to see security alerts," explained Chris Hendricks, IT Security Engineer with Texas Bank and Trust.