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Suppression of intrusive thoughts has paradoxical effects in that it produces the very thoughts that are to be avoided (Marcks & Woods, 2005).
Executive Chairman Greg Starr said, "Intersecting this deep intrusive provides confidence for Gold Anomaly to drill a second deep hole to target an area beneath that tested by NEV027.
Key Concepts: Behavioral Interviewing Questions/Preparing for Interviews/Fielding Intrusive Questions
The court identified four factors that could justify the use of "especially intrusive means of effecting a stop":
For ATMs, rapid identity checking is essential, but for employees at a nuclear facility, for example, a lengthier and more intrusive process would be acceptable, he says.
In fact, intrusive initial interview question were asked in fewer than 5% of the audits in 1995 and 1996.
Chairman, TEI is well aware of your support for efforts to "get the IRS out of the lives of the American people" and to protect taxpayers from intrusive requests.
Absent more democratic relations on the shop floor, we are likely to have little more than a proliferation of feel-good laws followed either by disillusionment or endless controversies surrounding intrusive and often costly and in efficient modes of government regulation.
Intrusive thoughts were closely related to these symptoms, he observes, because TMI residents are exposed to constant reminders of the 1979 accident, including the ever-present power plant stacks and continuing media coverage.