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Ms Baird said: "Now local police are, for the first time being overseen intrusively at command level by an elected figure and any tendency to put force self-interest over public well-being can be challenged, so that it becomes, at least more difficult for these kind of events to recur.
22 ( ANI ): Apple has been reportedly relived temporarily of its ebooks antitrust-compliance monitor, after the tech giant alleged that the court-appointed monitor had been asking for a hefty fee and acting too intrusively.
We have seen and studied media reports of our embassy in Washington being among a list of diplomatic missions which were intrusively monitored by U.
Det Chief Insp Gary Booth, of West Midlands Police's public protection department, said: "This case has highlighted the dangers children can face when online and the need for parents to intrusively supervise their child's use of computers and mobile phones.
Once on the register, individuals have to register change of names or address, foreign holidays and are actively and intrusively managed by West Midlands Police's public protection teams.
By the end, though, the social commentary that had been effective earlier had grown intrusively tiring and bothersome.
They must not harass or intimidate anybody, use cameras intrusively or block public rights of way and must carry identity/registration cards.
I've been watching the letters pages for almost three years now, and IA have to admit, it's getting intrusively repetitive.
While the generous inclusion of the details of day-to-day life is valuable, sometimes these facts appear rather intrusively in the text.