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Abstract: This paper reports the results from percentage-fill measurements of intrusively reflowed Pb-free solder joints, where the same Pb-free alloy has been applied to boards with different finishes.
With the carefully hung communion dresses in Communiante (Communicant, 1987), or the priestly vestments strewn on a wooden pew in God is Love (1992), Blondel evokes the body only to replace it with crystal surrogates, objects that are at once intrusively phallic and fragile.
Not a full, blushing goblet could tempt me to leave it, Tho' filled with the nectar that Jupiter sips, And now, far removed from the loved habitation, The tear of regret will intrusively swell, As fancy reverts to my father's plantation, And sighs for the bucket that hung in the well.
In minutes, an administrator can set up any web application to be securely delivered to any device, even internally hosted web apps, without intrusively installing anything on an employees device.
We have seen and studied the media reports of our embassy in Washington being amongst the list of diplomatic missions which were intrusively monitored by the US agencies," MEA official spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin said.
THE eccentric landlord arrested yesterday on suspicion of Jo Yeates' murder used to peer intrusively into his flats, two ex-tenants said yesterday.
They are then "actively and intrusively managed" by public protection teams and Multi-Agency Public Protection arrangements to control their behaviour.
We should have encouraged the FSA to have been looking more intrusively at what was going on inside the banks," he said.
But without a buffer zone to protect the historic centre, the commercial area of La Matuna was developed adjacently on a new intrusively large scale.