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A scale for the perceived disruption was developed from Li, Edwards, and Lee's (2002) Ad Intrusiveness Scale.
22 When evaluating the sub-scales, girls perceived higher irritability, whereas there was no significant difference in terms of intrusiveness or lack of emotional support.
In the elementary school student group, overexpectation and intrusiveness were behaviors positively related to problematic mobile game use, whereas affection was negatively related to problematic game use.
To evaluate the behavior of the caregiver six categories are used: sensitivity, cognitive stimulation, positive affectivity, negative affectivity, disengagement and intrusiveness.
Family Intrusiveness, Family Orientation, and Career Decision Making
As the Graham court failed to explicitly define "intrusiveness" and did not require proof of a significant injury caused by the use of force, the Bryan court was consistent with Graham by continuing its practice of considering the injuries and discomfort caused by the use of force as the key component of its intrusiveness.
E-mail is a viable channel for interacting with students on a regular basis but without the intrusiveness that can occur from cell phones.
The conclusion was that 60% of these Chartered Surveyors indicated that wind farms decreased the value of residential properties within view, and that the main factors for this negative effect are their visual intrusiveness, and the fear of properties being 'blighted' for decades.
He will respond to your detached humanitarian streak more than unyielding intrusiveness.
Lambert accepts only private pay to avoid the intrusiveness of insurance company practices.
But there is difference between accountability and intrusiveness.
In particular, the Constitution should require the government to justify all investigatory tactics with a sufficient basis to think the tactic will work in light of its perceived intrusiveness.